Ready to easily access the internet to work in your home, To Study and Learn,to stream your favorite shows at blazing fast speeds?

Fiber Connect Your Local Reliable Solution for High Speed Internet

Fiber Connect is the Berkshires, MAssachusetts Internet Services Provider (ISP) offering residents and businesses High Speed fiber optic internet and digital phone services. We are currently providing up to 1 Gbps network (10 GBps being planned) to subscribers in Monterey, Egremont and Great Barrington's downtown District.


“ I am not sure how to put a price on this but I want you to know that quality of service and follow up is amazing.”

—Seth, Egremont

“We're on 2G and we've already noticed how much faster it is. All 4 of us can be online at once with no slow downs. And we watched Hulu last night with no glitches. Never the case with Verizon. So far very satisfied!”

—Jeff, Monterey

“ Thank you for the countless hours you have spent these last months. I've passed your crews at all hours of the day in all sorts of weather. Your commitment to the project and your customers is crystal clear!”

—Sarah, Egremont