Q. What is Fiber Connect's Standard Installation Policy?

A. Fiber Connect's goal is to do everything in its power to get you, the customer, connected to our services in the quickest and most economical manner possible. With that said, it is important that you understand how we define our standard installation and what it entails financially for you.

Fiber Connect defines their standard installation as a service drop to the premise from a point of interconnection to the demarcation point located in or outside your premise via a usable pathway. A usable pathway is defined as 1) an aerial route utilizing utility poles without obstructions such as trees or foliage and poles that meet NESC codes 2) an underground path utilizing undamaged conduit(s) clear of obstructions such as ice, mud or other.

If an installation attempt is made and fails due to one of the above described conditions with the property boundaries of the premise, a failed attempt fee of $250 may be assessed. In the event of a failed attempt, Fiber Connect will consult with the property owner on a cost-estimate before proceeding with another attempt.

In aerial installs, it is the responsibility of the property owner to clear or hire someone to clear the pathway with the property's boundaries.

In underground installs where conduit(s) need to be replaced or newly buried, Fiber Connect will furnish a quote to the property owner. The property owner is welcome to get additional quotes from other contractors.

A standard installation includes:

  • a fiber cable from the nearest point of interconnection to the premise demarcation point not to exceed 1,000 feet

  • demarcation hardware to transition from outdoor to indoor cabling

  • indoor fiber cable from demarcation location to an ONT (optical network terminal) location routed via unfinished space or accessible interior chase way or conduit not to exceed 100 feet

  • ONT, sometimes referred to as a fiber modem

  • labor to install

  • connection at the interconnect points

Please note that costs due to anything that falls outside the standard installation will be estimated and payable by the subscriber.

Instances of additional costs may be defined as:

  • placement of new 3/4" continuous conduit at $7 per foot

  • fiber cable beyond the included 1,000 feet and measured by cable sheathing markings as $1 per foot

  • conduit repair at $100 per hour per two-man crew

Please note that other additional costs may exist that are not defined above and prices are subject to change.

Fiber Connect reserves the right to enforce all or portions of their standard installation policy at their discretion.

Q. How does Fiber Connect treat subscribers' personal data?

A. Fiber Connect will not collect or sell subscribers' personal information. Fiber Connect may use your personal information to create and maintain your account, to personalize your experience and to send periodic email communications relating to their services such as receipts, account confirmations and customer service correspondence. Find Fiber Connect's Privacy Policy plus other Fiber Connect Policies to download here.

Q. Does Fiber Connect support net neutrality?

A. Yes. Fiber Connect upholds a free, open and equal internet. Fiber Connect will not control the speed of sites or block any content, applications and websites to individual users.