Fiber Connect's Construction Progress by Berkshire, MA Town

Fiber Connect Installing Fiber Optic Cable, Main Street, Monterey, MA

Fiber Connect Installing Fiber Optic Cable, Main Street, Monterey, MA

Explanation of Terms

  • Stranded: Steel support cable to support fiber cable pulled from one telephone pole to the next.

  • Pulled: Distribution fiber pulled and slack loops established but not affixed to stranded support cable.

  • Lashed: Distribution fiber affixed to stranded support cable.

  • Core Spliced: Distribution fiber splice enclosures built and functional.

  • Completed: Distribution fiber ready for subscriber drop cables to home or business.

  • Lit: One or more subscribers have active service; enclosure ready to add new subscribers for immediate service.

Monterey Locations Lit

  • Art School Rd

  • Ash Lane

  • Bidwell Rd

  • Bracken Brae Dr

  • Brewers Circle

  • Buckingham Ln

  • Carls Ln

  • Chestnut Hill

  • Cronk

  • Eaton Rd

  • Elephant Rock Rd (from poles 1-14)

  • Griswold Rd

  • Harbour Ln

  • Hupi Rd from Tryingham Rd to Elephant Rock Rd

  • Hupi Woods Circle

  • Lakeside Terrace

  • Lime Rock Ln

  • Main Rd from Chestnut Hill to Gould Farm Flats

  • Mountain Laurel Way

  • Point Rd

  • Sandisfield Rd from RT23 about .5 miles

  • Scotts Rd

  • Stratford Ln

  • Sylvan Rd

  • Tryingham Rd from Town center to Art School Rd

  • Worth Lane

Montery Locations Qualifying for Preconstruction Standard Installation Discount of $499

  • Blue Hill

  • Brett Rd

  • Corashire Rd

  • Old Beartown Rd

  • RT 23 (West of Fairview Rd}

  • RT 57 + roads off Rt 57 from New Marlboro Rd to Rt 23

Monterey Locations Stranded

Monterey Locations Pulled & Lashed

  • Broderick

  • Dowd

  • Hupi Rd (East)

  • Mt Hunger (West)

  • RT 23 from Chestnut Hill to Hupi Rd

Fiber Connect Crew Member Pulling & Coiling Fiber Optic Cable, Egremont, MA

Fiber Connect Crew Member Pulling & Coiling Fiber Optic Cable, Egremont, MA

Egremont Locations Lit

  • Baldwin Hill East to RT 71

  • Baldwin Hill North, North End

  • Baldwin Hill South from RT 23 to Baldwin Hill East

  • Blunt Rd from West Baldwin Hill Rd to RT 23

  • Boice Rd

  • Bott Hill Rd

  • Creamery Rd from Townhouse to RT 23

  • Egremont Heights

  • Egremont Plain Rd from Boice Rd to Rowe Rd

  • Fisher Ln

  • Gilbert Rd

  • Guilder Hollow Rd (near the Jug End Reservation)

  • Jenssen Rd

  • Jug End from Bott Hill Rd to The Avenue

  • Lakeside Dr.

  • McGee Rd

  • Mearns Way

  • Millard Rd

  • Mountain View Rd

  • Mount Washington Rd between The Avenue and Jug End

  • Nicholson Rd

  • Ox Bow Rd

  • Partridge/ Greenwood Circle/ Westerbrook

  • Pine Crest

  • Prospect Lake Rd from RT 71 to Ox Bow

  • Ridge Rd

  • RT 23 from Creamery Rd to NY Border

  • RT 41 from RT23 to Warner Rd

  • RT 71 from Rowe Rd to McGee

  • Second St.

  • Sheffield Rd (West of pole 19)

  • Taconic Ln East & West

  • Townhouse Hill Rd

  • Tyrell Rd

  • The Avenue

  • Warner Rd

  • West View

Egremont Locations qualifying for preconstruction standard installation discount of $499

  • Bow Wow Rd

  • Brookvale Rd

  • Farm Lane

  • Hickory Hill Rd

  • Hilltop Rd

  • Jug End Rd south of The Avenue to Sheffield town line

  • Mill Rd

  • Miller View Rd

  • Pumpkin Hollow Rd

  • RT 23 from Creamery Rd to Gt. Barrington town line

  • RT 41 (Undermountain Rd) south of Warner Rd

  • RT 71 north of Rowe Rd

  • Rowe Rd

  • Sheffield Rd from 28 to Sheffield town line

  • Sky Farm Rd

  • Tremont Dr

Egremont Locations Stranded

Egremont Locations Pulled & LasheD

  • Shun Toll Rd