Q. Will Fiber Connect provide content with my subscription?

A. No. Fiber Connect provides the network by which subscribers can stream video content, via the internet, direct to their televisions. You do not need a cable or satellite subscription to view television channels (live and recorded) and movies. Fiber Connect's technicians are available for an initial consultation on how to set up your television to stream content from services and apps (free and paid) such as Netflix, Hulu, Hulu With Live TV, Sling TV, DirectTV Now, Amazon Prime, Acorn, CBS All Access, HBO Now, Showtime, PBS, YouTube TV, etc.

Q How do Streaming services work with my TV?

A. A device such as a Roku Stick, Amazon Fire Stick or an Apple TV connects the TV to the internet via WiFi. Once connected, content can stream over the internet to your TV. You will need a device for each TV. With the device attached to your TV, you will be able to browse channels directly on your TV screen. If you have the latest in a smart TV, you may not need one of these devices. Learn more about content streaming here.

Q. What on-premise equipment will Fiber Connect provide subscribers; is there a separate fee paid monthly for this equipment?

A. Fiber Connect will provide a free ONT (Optical Network Termination), or modem. There are no follow-on, monthly rental charges for the ONT.

Q. Will Fiber Connect's digital phone service allow me to drop my landline?

A. Yes. Fiber Connect's digital phone service can replace your landline and you can keep your current phone number. See what is offered if you add on digital phone service to your subscription, click here.

Q. What other Fiber Connect services can I add to my subscription?

A. Uninterruptible Power Supply with monitoring and replacement for $9 per month added to your billing. Fiber Connect provides the battery backup unit, services it and will replace the unit, if needed.

Q. What can I expect from Fiber Connect in trouble-shooting and emergency assistance?

A. Fiber Connect will first decide if the problem can be fixed remotely. If not, a crew will be dispatched to your premise, or to the pole affected, for on-site repair. Fiber Connect's customer service record attests to the company's rapid response to subscribers' requests for assistance. In the event of a major disruption of service, Fiber Connect has subcontractors available to assist with repairs. If you need on-site assistance with technical issues such as setting up and connecting your devices to Fiber Connect's network, maximizing your connection speeds especially if you're using WiFi, enabling streaming and general trouble-shooting with your PC or MAC, then phone Tech Support 413.429.4555 to schedule an appointment, or email support@bfcma.com to open a ticket.

Q. Why am I not getting the speed stated in my subscriber package?

A. The speed at which you access the internet is determined by the slowest link in the data chain leading to your computer. The age of your device (computer/TV/router) can be one of the biggest contributors to slower than expected speeds. The solution, if possible, is to upgrade your hardware. Another big contributor to slower than expected speeds is connecting devices, such as your smartphone, via WiFi. A solution is to purchase and install radio nodes in rooms furthest from the ONT to boost the WiFi signal. Finally, if you encounter a slower download from a website, it is likely due to the website controlling the maximum download speed of individual users.

Q. What happens to my speed when I connect using WiFI?

A. WiFi is not a great or reliable technology. There are several WiFi protocols that run different frequencies and carry various maximum speeds. The newer protocols are faster but lack range so, as you move further away from your signal's source (ONT or modem), you'll experience diminished quality.

WiFi can suffer interference from a wide range of household devices from cordless phones to microwaves. Walls - plastered with underlying support wires and concrete - will negatively affect your signal. If your signal source is located on a different floor from the device(s) you're using, your signal quality suffers. Even mirrors can interfere with your signal.

The environment also affects WiFi. For example, humidity can play a role as can obstruction from foliage.

WiFi operates in unlicensed frequencies that tend to get congested and this congestion will slow your signal.

With Fiber Connect's 1Gbps you can run WiFi capable of 2.4Ghz or 5Ghz. The slower 2.4Ghz will take over when you're out of range for the faster 5Ghz. To be able to operate with the faster WiFi from anywhere within your premise, you can set up a mesh network that will closely position antennas in other rooms and on other floors. Or, if you need to increase range to a single area of your premise, you can use a single WiFi Extender. Doing this will help assure you a seamless, strong, high bandwidth WiFi signal capable of 100+ Mbps.

Fiber Connect's IT Technician is available by appointment to help with setting up either a mesh network or a WiFi Extender. Click here for phone number and email.