Q. Why should Berkshire residents and businesses choose Fiber Connect as their ISP (Internet Service Provider)?

A. Fiber Connect is installing infrastructure and connecting subscribers now. Fiber Connect's build-out schedule does not rely on securing financial support from outside its own resources. Fiber Connect assumes 100% of the financial liability and risk for its infrastructure. Fiber Connect has a team of experienced fiber optic technicians available to deploy for installation, repairs and emergencies. Fiber Connect's customer service is highly rated by its subscribers.

Q. Why is it taking so long to get high-speed internet access to the rural areas of the Berkshires?

A. National corporate communication companies have maintained that it's not cost-effective to lay the “last mile” of cable in Massachusetts. Seeing an unmet and essential need, Fiber Connect, a Berkshire-based, privately owned company, is working with local towns, businesses and residents to connect them to the “last mile” with fiber optic cable.

Q. What Berkshire towns are working with Fiber Connect?

A. Multi-phase, rural roll-outs are happening in Monterey and Egremont, MA. Click here for the latest construction update by street/road for each town. Fiber Connect is also wiring the downtown district of Great Barrington, MA.

Q. On signing up, am I obligated to pay my installation fee?

A. You are not required to pay your installation fee when you sign up. Fiber Connect will first send a representative to your property to confirm if and approximately when they can install fiber optic cable. Learn about Fiber Connect's Standard Installation Policy here.

Q. How will I be notified when Fiber Connect is ready to install fiber optic cable to my street/road and is that when I pay the installation fee?

A. You will be notified by email using the email provided on signing up. You may also be notified by phone using the phone number provided on signing up. Once Fiber Connect is committed to an active build-out of a geographic area, service contracts will be executed and the installation payments requested. Learn about financing options for installation fees.

Q. Will my installation fee be refunded if Fiber Connect does not reach my property?

A. In the event Fiber Connect, for whatever reason, does not reach a property within 12 months of a subscriber's sign up, than any installation fees will be refunded in full upon request.

Q. What is the monthly cost to subscribe to Fiber Connect's service?

A. There are two types of plans - residential (3 different packages) and business (1 package). In addition, subscribers can add on digital phone service. Fiber Connect also offers customized plans. Click here for a detailed explanation of each plan, packages offered under a plan and costs.

Q. Does Fiber Connect offer promotions?

A. Promotions are generally offered during the pre-construction phase of an area build-out. To find out if a promotion is available to your area, Contact Us.

Q. How do I stay in touch with Fiber Connect?

A. By email: sales@bfcma.com. By phone: 413-429-4108. By following us on Facebook @Fiber Connect of the Berkshires. Fiber Connect may also periodically send email announcements to you pertaining to its activities. To sign up for our newsletter, see below.